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Over decades of advertising experience, customers still regret why did we choose this advertising company, this service provider and so forth. Bhumido is not here to advise to pick us but Bhumido will advise how to pick a service provider before making a decision and here are the below pointers to look for when you’re picking the right advertising agency:

How they answer your call?

How they treat you even before becoming a client?

Never judge the company on the pricing.

Pick the fresher’s or experienced doesn’t matter. But what really matters is the enthusiasm and the energy the team carries.

During the process of on-boarding if they are not concerned about your requirements instead just chasing you after money, that’s a red flag.

Repeated calls from the company after once enquired

Disturbing you in your busy schedule and still getting calls after telling them that you will get back to them

If you clear these above mentioned 7 pointers then you are off to a good start.

So Bhumido will never say pick us but will only say try these 7 pointers with us and then take a call.

We look forward to a happy beginning even before you become our client.